Super Bowl Drinking Bingo

31 01 2009

To play:

  • Print out enough bingo cards for everyone you’re watching the game with. If you’re watching alone, please consider making some friends.
  • You might want to use multiple cards per player. There are a lot of variables, so not every card will lead to a Bingo.
  • Every time something described on your card(s) occurs, ie a particular score is reached or a penalty is called, mark that square off and take a drink.
  • The team must hit the exact score for the square to be marked off. For example, if Arizona has 7 points and then scores a touchdown, you cannot mark “Arizona 10”
  • Once you get bingo–a complete horizontal, vertical or diagonal line–finish your drink and discard the winning card. You may continue to play your other cards.
  • The middle space is a free space.


Super Bowl Bingo cards 1-20

Super Bowl Bingo cards 21-40

Super Bowl Bingo cards 41-60

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NFL Playoff Chart, Part One: Who are we rooting for this weekend?

7 01 2009

Now that any team that anyone could possibly care about is out of the AFC playoff picture, it would be easy to give up on the 2008/2009 NFL season in favor of watching old episodes of Reba on DVD, alone, in your basement. But take heart. Your friends here at Urbzen have crafted a handy flowchart to help you find your new favorite team. We’ll start with the AFC, and I’ll upload the NFC later, if I feel like it.

2009 AFC Playoff Flowchart (PDF)

NFL Playoff Scenarios Flow Chart

28 12 2008

*Looking for the Divisional Playoffs 09 chart? Click here

Ask Twitter and you shall receive, apparently.  From Urbzen reader and all-around awesome dude Jeff B:

NFL Playoff Scenarios Flow Chart

Enjoy everybody; We’ll be back to regular posting tomorrow.