Who is behind the Teabags Across America movement? Well, fuck if we know. But here are a few of the Founding Fathers:

Obvs we all know about CNBC “journalist” Rick Santelli, who got the ball (heh) rolling back in February when he sort of went apeshit on the air and then all the kids watched it on the YouTube, for laffs.

Next we heard, American Spectator boy wonder Managing Editor and known anti-twittite J. Peter Freire tweeted the idea of having a “New American Tea Party,” you know, for principles. 

WHOA BUT WAIT. Next thing you know, new media genius Michael Patrick Leahy is just goin cold nuts about liberty and stuff. So now HE is in charge.

And then, because nothing says “grassroots” like “big money lobbyists,” our friends at FreedomWorks got in on the act! AND THEY MADE SHIRTS.

But you know it’s really not a conservative movement until the American Family Association signs on, and sign on they did. Because if there’s one thing Jesus wouldn’t stand for (besides the homosexual agenda, obvs), it’s taking up a collection of “taxes” and using them to “help the poor.” No siree. Jesus would GO GALT.

And then, of course, there’s this:


Fair. And. Balanced.


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