NFL Playoff Chart, Part One: Who are we rooting for this weekend?

7 01 2009

Now that any team that anyone could possibly care about is out of the AFC playoff picture, it would be easy to give up on the 2008/2009 NFL season in favor of watching old episodes of Reba on DVD, alone, in your basement. But take heart. Your friends here at Urbzen have crafted a handy flowchart to help you find your new favorite team. We’ll start with the AFC, and I’ll upload the NFC later, if I feel like it.

2009 AFC Playoff Flowchart (PDF)




8 responses

7 01 2009

Hey Stephanie, LOVE the flowchart – your friend, @lahne on twitter..and half-assed author of Steelergurl’s Blog! Can’t wait to see the NFC version. But, hey about that tapioca pudding…..

7 01 2009
Those crazy folks on the west coast « Steelergurl’s Blog

[…] URBZEN which I am totally addicted to and always waiting for a new post.  Well, today she wrote a post for football fans that includes a great flowchart for the […]

7 01 2009

Am digging your flow chart!

7 01 2009
the problemwitcharing

I mean, with that flowchart, really, I am helpless to argue.

Besides, I am 9ers fan, who was lackadaisically pulling for The Chokemeister3000 (Peyton), so as a fan, I really am here for the taking… OK. As a dateless woman and perspective employee, I am also here for the taking.

And, as usual, if you hear of a good cult….

7 01 2009
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[…] I’m pulling for the winner of the Ravens v Titans game. Because I can’t stand the mediocrity of Roethlisberger and Phillip Rivers is a straight punk. But if you still have not figured out who you are going to root for in the Superior Conference, Stephanie has the decision chart for you. […]

8 01 2009

Psh… Real Reba fans watch their old episodes from the VHS cassettes they’ve recorded.

8 01 2009
NFL Playoff Scenarios Flow Chart « U R B Z E N

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8 01 2009
Call To Action: 8 Things Ravens’ Fans Can Do « Mdbirdlover’s Blog

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