Urbzen 2008 Advent Calendar!

The Urbzen 2008 Advent Calendar is a digital take on the traditional holiday countdown. Every day from now through Christmas the Urbzen Elves will post something new/cool/funny/intriguing for your perusal and general holiday delight.


Online Advent Calendar

December 22: What does Christmas mean to me? TRUCK NUTZ.

December 21: Happy Solstice, infidels.

December 20: What’s better than kittens? Kittens on a slide.

December 19: And for today, something actually useful: 10 Things Not to Say When Buying a Car.

December 18: You know what you need? God Tube.

December 17: Kentucky=Portugal and other fun facts on the Map of Economic Equivalence.

December 16: Isn’t it time you gave yourself a Christmas gift? Yes, yes it is.

December 15: There is absolutely no way that Color Me Badd won’t improve your Monday.

December 14: Here are some games, or something.

December 13: On the 13th day of Christmas, I totally forgot about you. Sorry, Internet!

December 12: You can thank @bekahroux for this little piece of holiday cheer: The 8 Most Horrifying Body Modifications

December 11: Santa’s Gmail.

December 10: Another web-gem: BrowserShots.org shows you what your website looks like in about a zillion different browsers, without having to put them all on your machine, just in case you don’t have the latest versions of Konquoror, Camino, Galeon and SeaMonkey on there already.

December 9: Here’s a fun one. FindYourSpot.com takes your answers to their fairly thorough quiz, runs them through a whole slew of data and then gives you a list of places you’d most like to live based on factors like weather, population density, political leanings, cultural activities, property values and a lot more. Where’s your spot?

December 8: Probably the single best 1970s sex-ed video that will scar you for life.

December 7: Slanket, the blanket that you wear!

December 6: DIY airplane iPhone holder, via Random Good Stuff.

December 5: From Pingdom, 24 of the best Web 2.0 error pages.

December 4: And on the fourth day of Christmas, I got sick. Back tomorrow, I hope.

December 3: Three words: Tunak Tunak Tan.

December 2: And on the second day of Christmas, we bring you Hubspot’s awesome website grader. Just pop in the URL of your site/blog/whathaveyou and this nifty little gadget grades it on a whole bunch of factors and recommends ways to improve. And the only thing it’ll cost you is your email address.

December 1: Free holiday desktop backgrounds from a trustworthy site, American Greetings. I’m using “Christmas Ornaments“–nice Christmas theme without the red-and-green overload. There’s a good selection of non-holiday winter themes as well.


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