Friday surprise: The Filipino Barack Obama

19 12 2008

I have no idea who this guy is, except that he lives in the Phillipines and looks unnervingly like That One:


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Tacos, with a side of bigotry

15 12 2008

To hear her tell it, Margie Christoffersen is a hapless victim with a shattered life. “I’ve almost had a nervous breakdown,” she tells the LA Times in a column published this Sunday. “It’s been the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Through sobs, she tells the reporter how hard her life has been since she was outed online for contributing $100 in support of Proposition 8, the ballot measure to restrict marriage in California to heterosexual couples only. Christoffersen is the manager and public face of El Coyote, an LA landmark famous for its throngs of customers. Following the Prop 8, revelation, though, many of those customers apparently decided to go elsewhere. Business is off 30 percent and large sections of the restaurant sit empty.

Now Christofferson is singing a slightly different tune. “I love [gay people] like anyone else,” she tells the Times. But as the proverb goes, she’s already put her money where her mouth was, and that’s on the side of intolerance.

Nobody, gay or straight, was trying to deny Christoffersen anything–not her business, not her (heterosexual!)  marriage– but that didn’t stop her from not just voting for, but actually coughing up $100 to support an intitiative to rescind the rights of thousands of gay Californians. She may never come around on the gay marriage issue, but, with the restaurant once owned by her mother at the  brink of collapse, at least now she knows what it feels like to have the most important thing in your life taken away.

The Real Housewives of Wasilla

10 11 2008

Please, please, please, please, please let this be true.

Talent Shops Courting Palin

Sarah Palin won’t be vice president, but she won the hearts of talent scouts and literary agents who are scrambling to sign her to multimillion-dollar contracts.

CAA, ICM, William Morris, Paradigm and other agencies “smell books, talk shows and commentary for Fox and CNN” as possibilities for the Alaska governor, West Coast PR man Hal Lifson told us.

“There are several of our imprints who are eager to talk to Governor Palin,” Random House spokesman Stuart Applebaum said. “She clearly has a constituency and we know books by conservatively-centered politicos usually sell very, very well.”


Public-relations powerhouse Howard Rubenstein added, “She’s poised to make a ton of money.” But he warned, “She ought to keep an eye on what her goals are for 2012. If she plays a game and looks foolish, if she sounds like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about – like saying Africa is a country – she may talk herself out of a political job.”

Linda Mann, president of Mann Media, which books celebrities and fashionistas for TV, noted, “Her buzz is incredible. She has car-wreck appeal. You’re compelled to watch, hoping she’ll say the dumbest things possible. I’d propose a show combining her love of fashion and lack of brainpower – ‘Project Dumbway.’ “

What kind of money can Palin expect? “That’s an interesting question because everybody will compare what she gets to the book deal Tina Fey reportedly made – $6 million,” said one high-ranking publishing source. “No matter what it is, the betting is she’ll sign a deal by the end of the month.”

One agency not expected to pursue Palin is Endeavor, for the simple reason that its founder, Ari Emanuel, is a rabid Democrat and brother of Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel, who has been tapped as Barack Obama’s chief of staff.

It’s over

5 11 2008

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

4 11 2008

It’s hard to feel the weight of history while it’s actually happening.  From Gettysburg to Selma to the World Trade Center, we need a little bit of distance before we can really appreciate the impact of the days that leave their mark on the way we’ll live our lives going forward.

Go out and vote today. If you don’t, you will always regret that you weren’t a part of this.

Election Cocktail Special: Hot Chuck Toddy

3 11 2008


  • 1 oz  bourbon
  • 1 tablespoon mild honey
  • 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
  • 1/4 cup boiling-hot water


Put bourbon, honey, and lemon juice in a 6-ounce mug. Top off with hot water and stir until honey is dissolved. Sip slowly while ruminating on the luxuriousness of Chuck Todd’s goatee.

Election Bingo

3 11 2008

Here at Urbzen, we don’t believe in drinking games because we don’t need anyone to tell us to finish our drinks, thankyouverymuch.  Instead, we’re playing Election Night Bingo, in honor of the geriatric Floridians who will likely decide the presidential race, once again. 

How to play: Print out and distribute the cards. You’ll probably want to give more than one to each player since the large number of variables makes the odds of a bingo pretty small. As your TV network of choice calls states (pres) or races (senate, gov), mark of the corresponding square on your card(s). 

Right click and select “Save As” if you don’t want to navigate away from this window.

Election Bingo cars 1-20 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 21-40 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 41-60 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 61-80 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 81-100 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 101-120 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 121-140 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 141-160 (pdf)

Election Bingo cards 161-180 (pdf)

Cards print four per page; Each PDF is five pages.