A compendium of various loci on the intarwebs that alternately amuse, inspire, enrage and baffle me:

Slate Magazine

Wonkette: The DC Gossip

Girl Crush Rachel Maddow

Made-of-Awesome Vlogging duo John and Hank Green

LA Unleashed

EcoGeek: Clean Technology

Metro Dog: Luxury Dog Supplies

Google Chrome web browser

The delightfully cranky Malcontentist



5 responses

20 12 2008

I love the idea of your newsletter. URBZEN is very exciting name. I am making a lifestyle change from an ancient but sophisticated suburb setting to a big city urban life and wish to discover a life bringing the best of both worlds together. It’s an Urbzen move!!!!!

24 02 2009
Laurie March

Stephanie… follow me on twitter. I do move management in LA and know several great moving companies… EvanvgelistaLA


27 02 2009

Where are you on Twitter? Can’t seem to locate you there.

At any rate, I really enjoy reading through UrbZen.

31 03 2009

Can a brother get some linkage for sending some readers your way? lol. I’m linking you now.

13 04 2010

Hey Stephanie,

I produce the biweekly CT-based webzine I’m hoping to use the mint julep image you featured on your site in 2008, but I don’t want to infringe on any possible copyright. Any recollection of where you got the photo? Did you pay a fee to post?

Love your site. You’ve got a great eye.


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