UrbZen is a modern meditation on food, drink, politics and style.  

My goal is to offer an amalgamation of lifestyle tips, recipes, reviews, current events and commentary in a way that will–hopefully–keep you coming back for more, and to encourage a spirited discussion among Urbzenites around the world.

I would love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to email me at urbzen–at–inbox.com, or leave a comment.

About me: I’m an LA-based writer and editor floating somewhere between Gen X and Gen Y. I grew up in Colorado, but have also lived in Missouri, North Carolina, Iowa, South Dakota and Washington, DC. I prefer vodka to gin, coffee to tea, dogs to cats and tulips to roses. Also, my name is Stephanie and this is what I look like.

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6 11 2008

Hi Stephanie, good to meet you. I like your site, like your sensibilities. I used to live in LA (waaaa), moved to Ny for husband’s career (cancer researcher, how could I say no). We spend our summers in CO and I went to school in IA and lived in DC, France and Chicago.

Are you familiar with intent.com? You might want to cross post there… it’s easy to do and you’d be a good intent person! Best,


5 12 2008

where’s your section on TRUCK NUTZ!!?

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