What is Teabagging?

We’re not sure exactly. Well, there’s that definition. But in the context of the Tax Day Tea Parties, Teabagging seems to allude to an amorphous set of conservative, libertarian, rationalist and vaguely anarchist sentiments held by Fox News et al. If you have a more concrete definition of Teabagging, please, let us know.

Why “Teablogging”?

Because you have to teabag the conservatives before they teabag you.

How’d this all get started?

See, back in February, after American Capitalism had been utterly destroyed by four whole weeks of the Soviet Obama Administration, some guy named Rick who nobody had ever heard of went on scion of business journalism CNBC and sort of lost his shit. Somewhere in the midst of the sweating, frothing, and arm-waving, Rick mentioned the Boston Tea Party, and a movement was born.


Yes, really.

So should we go to these Tea Parties, or what?

You can. Huffington Post is looking for Tea Party Reporters. Or, if you’re one of the handful of Productive American Capitalists who’s fortunate enough to be still be employed, you could go to your job that day. If not, just get drunk at home, alone, as usual.

Who is behind Teablogging.net?

Well, the jokes pretty much write themselves here, but the site was created by notorious attention whore and known liberal @StephanieInCA of Urbzen.com. Other contributors and affiliates are listed on the TITs page.


Where can I learn more  about Teabagging?

Teabagging purists would encourage you to read Ayn Rand’s insanely drawn-out screed novel Atlas Shrugged, but you can also just go see Watchmen, which is basically the same thing, but shorter and featuring a giant electric blue penis.



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13 04 2009
Welcome to Teablogging « Teablogging

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14 04 2009

too late! i just got teabagged!!!

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