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12 04 2009

i would like to see more coverage of the role of white nationalists in the tea party movement:

if we can connect the tea party movement to these people, it will lose all sense of decency and credibility

13 04 2009

There’s a facebook event up for the counterdemonstration:

Glen Beck provided the teabaggers with the slogan We Surround Them. So, we’re going to surround them. Spread the word! Invite your friends!

13 04 2009
Civility NOW

I sincerely don’t see a purpose for this site to exist.

What honest motivation could you dig up to justify creating a site dedicated to lampooning people who simply want to protest an onerous trend toward government caretakership?

Disagreement on the points is one thing, but that would require you to make a point as to why the national debt should rise, taxes should increase, and liberties should be withheld.

13 04 2009
Woodwards Friend

I support everyone taking a picture of their ballsack resting on Glen Beck’s face and then sending that picture to their member of Congress. Yes we can, America!


13 04 2009

Just thought you might be interested that teh gays are now joining the teabagging-tax-protesting fun, too!



13 04 2009

I’m sorry Tengrain, but we have reclassified teh gheyz as “adult content” so, um, wait, exactly.


13 04 2009


That is all.

14 04 2009

i plan to attend wearing an aluminium hat and carrying a sign reading PULL MY FINGER

14 04 2009

EyesonObama article:
Tea Parties: Corporate Astroturfing to Derail the Movement for Change

I put a lot of research into this, and it turns out Freedomworks and Progress for America are the 2 groups orchestrating the Tax Day tea party protests. Here’s the hitch, they are neocon organizations who supported bush, wanted to put social security in the stock market, and advocated deregulation.

14 04 2009

President Obama squandered the surplus left by President Clinton by giving the richest Americans a tax cut during war time for the first time in our history and we now have the largest debt in history! When Mr. Bush took the oath of office in 200l, the nonpartisan CBO projected $5.6 trillion in federal budget surpluses through 2011. Bush left a trail of deficits and debt that has sharply constrain his successor, President Obama.

A great American, Oliver Wendell Holmes, stated. “We pay taxes for a civilized society!” Those whose people immigrated to America after the founding and don’t which to pay taxes should leave. They come to America and say not, “What can I do for America, but What can America do for me”? Too many immigrants think that – America – Home of the brave and land of the free, means they don’t have to pay taxes, they don’t have to serve this country in the military, they don’t have do anything for America. These insidious ingrates think that we came to the Colonies in the 1600s and fought, sacrificed and died for our Democracy and our Constitutional freedoms just so they could immigrate to America and enjoy the freedom for which they have contributed nothing.

Those who don’t want to pay taxes for civility should find another country! Bon Voyage!

14 04 2009

i assume you’re native american. if not suck it bird brain.

1 05 2009
Jonny Amplesack

Stephanie gives the best rimjobs!

10 05 2009

I put a lot of research in this and I hear that ACORN is behind the tea parties as well as Move On.

29 01 2010

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