Hello, Internet!

18 04 2009

I’m sorry I abandoned you for so long, Internet! See, a Very Important Thing happened last week, and that thing was teabagging. You might have heard about it. In any case, your editor was busy chronicling the insanitea (see what I did there?) over at Teablogging.net.

Honestly everything over at Teablogging is worth a look, for freedom, but here’s a sampling of some of our best work from the past few days:

Teabags Across America: The Day in Photos

Teabagged: The Morning After

Hitting all their historical marks

AmSpec: Scenes from the DC Tea Party


Teabaggers: We want revolution so long as revolution will not get us into trouble (redux)

And my personal favorite: Michelle Malkin will disembowel you, just like she did to this pig

ALSO: Teablogging.net, a very important internet web site, has been featured on The Huffington PostWonketteTalking Points MemoBurnt Orange,The Daily Angry LiberalShortsandPants and RonPaulForums.com.

Regular Urbzen posting will resume Monday.


Fuck you, April

8 04 2009
well fuck


Well, it looks like we’re getting a nice head start on the annual Week When Horrible Shit Always Happens. Fun! God I hate April.