Conservatives organize nationwide "Mustardjarring" movement

8 05 2009

Inspired by populist hero Sean Hannity, real Americans from coast to coast are rallying this morning against elito-socialist Barack Obama, who showed his true colors by ordering known gay condiment, Dijon mustard during a trip to an elitist inside-the-beltway burger joint Wednesday.

The move sparked a popular uprising in America’s heartland, where grassroots activists are planning nationwide “Mustardjarring” rallies to express their outrage at President Obama’s tax policy and/or spending plans and/or birth certificate and/or secret Muslim faith and/or the gay liberal media and/or teleprompter and/or auto bailout and/or TARP and/or Michelle Obama’s tennis shoes.

Jesus Christ people, just secede already.

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3 responses

8 05 2009

This is political commentary on the level of “He said doody!” They don’t even know why it enrages them, can’t articulate exactly what is wrong with not wanting ketchup.

Condiment correctness! You must eat ketchup on your hamburger or you’re not an American!

8 05 2009

Hooray for the red, white, blue and yellow!

8 05 2009

Is that a furriner on Rush Limbaugh’s show?

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