Boonville, Missouri

7 06 2009

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Hays, KS

4 06 2009

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Flagler, CO

4 06 2009

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Leftovers: The other Georgetown

3 06 2009

Forgot to post these the other night, so here they are–shots of Georgetown, CO, an old mining town off I-70 you might recognize from the terrible 1998 Ben Affleck thriller Phantoms.

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Slideshow: Los Angeles to Denver

2 06 2009

Did you know there are places in America that are not cities, suburbs or trailer parks? It’s true! And I took some pictures of them, presented here in handy slideshow format. Fancy!

Day 1: Los Angeles to Ceder City
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Day 1: Los Angeles to Cedar City“, posted with vodpod

Day 2: Cedar City to Denver
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Day 2: Cedar City to Denver“, posted with vodpod

Day Two: Cedar City to Denver

1 06 2009

After a very long day that included seeing an *actual* lizard, getting snowed on in June and laughing maniacally to myself while listening to at least seven hours of David Sedaris on CD, I am much, much too tired to write the clever post I intended to write tonight. Instead, I am going to post these photos, finish off this juice glass of white zin and shuffle off to bed. Like last time, click the photo to see the whole set.

Somewhere off I-70 in Utah:

This tree is actually Mormon.

Green River, Utah:

Lizard People will be shot on sight.

Eagle, Colorado:

$300/month. But you have to live in Eagle.

Vail Pass, Summit, Elevation 10,660 ft.:

Definitive proof global warming is a myth.

Live from Cedar City, Utah

31 05 2009

I don’t have time tonight to regale you with “tales from the road,” so here are some pretty pictures, since most of you probably can’t read anyhow. Clicky on each of the photos to be taken to that particular Flickr stream, or see the Best Of here.


I iz navigatur.



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