A Very Special Episode of Teablogging

28 05 2009

Well, friends, you know that all good things must end, and, it turns out, all questionable and unabashedly lowbrow things must end too, so today it is with a cirrhotic liver and a heavy heart that I announce my plans to step away from my insolent bastard child, Teablogging.net, effective immediately.

After two years in Southern California, I am returning to the bosom of American politics, Washington DC, which has finally and inevitably sucked me back in, like the Mafia, or a toilet. In this new iteration of my life I will be playing the role of a grown-up, which unfortunately does not allow for the kind of edgy, sarcastic and utterly profane tone I hope to have created on Teablogging. That’s why instead of watering it down or shuttering the site entirely, I’m handing it over to my friend Halden, the delightfully embittered editor of ShortsandPants who, honestly, makes me look like I shit rainbows. (follow him on teh Twitturz here)

Meanwhile, I’ll be relaunching Urbzen.com, my first intarwebz project (starting this weekend with dispatches from my cross-country drive), where I’ll cover a broader range of social issues—It’ll be like the Ladies’ Page, if the Ladies’ Page drank whiskey for breakfast and cursed like a sailor. Hope to see you all over there, and don’t forget to give Shortsy a hard time.

I also feel like I should mention that my decision to hand over Teablogging has less than nothing to do with the sorry excuse for a lawsuit recently filed against me by a certain reptile. If anything, that whole episode just made it harder to walk away.

Bon chance, and try not to fuck everything up.

Yours in teabagging,





6 responses

28 05 2009

Good luck in your new adventure!

28 05 2009

I am no longer pissed.

28 05 2009


28 05 2009

Best of luck to you, StephanieInDC. I’ll be following your posts with interest.

God, when I read the title of this one, I thought we were going to have “the talk”.


28 05 2009
Dave Watts

Well shit! You go and make me fall in love with you with this blog and now you just walk away. DOH! Oh well, good luck with the move and with your new ventures. I guess we all have to grow up sometime. (hmmm, note to self for 50th birthday)

29 05 2009

John, if you need to have “the talk” with someone, I suggest you play them this video first. It will make things go more smoothly.

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