Don’t sue me, bro

26 05 2009

Well that was fun, huh?

For those of you who are just tuning in, last week conservative dickbag and alleged non-lizard Michael P. Leahy filed what has got to be one of the most hilarious suits in history of the American legal system against Your Editor (previous posts here, here and here), claiming, among other things,


2. Grasmick also stated in her May 13, 2009 publication to her website that Leahy is a “delusional profiteering creep” with the knowledge that this was a completely false statement which she had no evidence to support. Wikipedia defines profiteering as “a pejorative term for the act of making a profit by methods considered unethical. Business owners may be accused of profiteering when they raise prices during an emergency (especially a war). The term is also applied to businesses that play on political corruption to obtain government contracts.” (Exhibit H)

3. Grasmick called Leahy an “insane clown” knowing full well this was an untrue statement. (Exhibit H)

4. Grasmick called Leahy a “member of some alien race of Lizard People” knowing full well this was an untrue
statement.(Exhibit H)

While I am not especially familiar with the psychology of insane lizard-clowns, I’m guessing that Leahy thought that after publishing my (gasp!) real name and filing this ridiculous suit, I would cry like a girl and go running for my mommy.

That, of course, is not exactly how it worked out. After posting an insane and vaguely creepy string of tweets that made me *wish* I was half as connected as he apparently thinks I am, Leahy contacted me through another blogger with his demands, to which I essentially replied, “No deal, eat a bag of dicks, and I’ll see you in court.”

Evidently Leahy hadn’t considered a librul girl-blogger might turn out to be a fiercely stubborn J-school grad with a great support network and a particular fondness for the First Amendment, because you could have knocked him over with a feather. From there it was just seeing how quickly he’d collapse.

On one level, I feel bad for Leahy. He’s just a small-time rabble rouser perpetually trying to grab a piece of somebody else’s fame, and following the Teablogging post about his tax problems, I don’t think his initial instinct was to sue me. Rather, I’d bet good money that he was goaded into filing the suit by a much more vicious, crude and small-minded element of the conservative movement (Brooks Bayne, I’m looking in your direction) who saw an opportunity to smear, bully and hopefully silence a critic, and they played Leahy like a fiddle. Of course, once Leahy stuck his neck out and left himself wide open to a countersuit, this same self-righteous trolls were nowhere to be found.

That said, Leahy is a grown lizard man who, at least in public, behaved like a temperamental child, and I don’t think the irony lost on anyone that somebody who spends his time protesting taxes would burden the legal system with such an insanely frivolous suit.




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26 05 2009

Michael P. Leahy benefits humanity once again–by inspiring me to come over here and read your awesome blog. Keep up the good work, Teablogger!

26 05 2009

I can’t tell you how happy this post made me. I love people who make asshat conservatives crumble. (And I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if you’re right about Brooks…)

26 05 2009
Joel Sax

It’s funny how they are all “Constitution” when it comes to their tea-parties, but they seem to labor under the delusion that nobody can criticize what they say.

It’s emblematic of the kind of America they want to create. (I’ve noticed, incidentally, that they’ve become quieter and quieter. They seem to be talking to themselves, asking what is going wrong? The question of it being their values never seems to come up, however, does it?)

27 05 2009

There’s so much irony involved in this that it’s sometimes hard to keep track. The grandest irony of all lies in the fact that the Tea Party folks don’t really know what the original tea party was about. They railed on on and about a STIMULUS package.

Also, Ms. Editor, I want you to know that I laughed out loud while reading Mr. Leahy’s suit against you. It was true comedy that I selfishly wished had actually made it to court.

Keep up the good work

and no, I don’t need an apt in LA

27 05 2009

I would say “that didn’t last long” — but I’m sure Leahy has heard that criticism many a time before.

27 05 2009
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27 05 2009

Suit overturned.
See Falwell v. Penthouse Int’l, Ltd., 521 F. Supp. 1204 (W.D. Va. 1981)

28 05 2009

He’s tilting at windmills.

28 05 2009
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