That which does not kill us makes us really effing tired.

20 05 2009

As most of you are probably already aware, TCOT cofounder and known human Michael Patrick Leahy has been making a lot of noise lately about suing Your Editor for libel and invasion of privacy resulting from a post published on Teablogging May 13 regarding Leahy’s history in civil court and with the IRS

I appreciate the supportive messages I’ve received from many of you. The mere posting of Leahy’s complaint has caused a considerable burden on my time and psyche, so I am currently taking a little while to locate an attorney, speak with some advisers and consider my options moving forward.

I understand that Leahy is upset and embarrassed, and he should be. That said, I will not respond to bullying and threats. I have been in touch with Mr. Leahy, and it is my sincere hope that we can resolve this matter through clear-minded and thoughtful dialogue, and at a minimal cost to the American taxpayer.

A more comprehensive account of the events of the past few days is available here on DailyKos.




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21 05 2009

It’s understandable that you can’t/won’t go into further details here, since anything you say or do could be used against you in a court of law. Just if it gets to the point of needing a lawyer for more than a letter to Mr. Leahy basically saying “WTF?” in legal terms, feel free to set up a PayPal button for a legal defense fund… plenty of folks would send a few dimes your way.

21 05 2009

I second Badtux’s motion. You have friends. Use them if necessary.

Not that it’s much consolation, but being harassed by a Worst Person in the World, and said harassment being the reason he was a Worst Person in the World, means you’re doing something (OK, a lot of things) right. I am proud to be your virtual acquaintance, and will support you in your ‘exchange’ with The Man in whatever way you deem necessary.

21 05 2009

Amen to the LDF! Unless these are private facts, the truth of them is your defense. Go to it, and let us know if you need help.

21 05 2009

Stephanie, every commenter on the Internet is at your disposal. We await your orders!

21 05 2009
Daniel Doyle

Don’t hesitate for one second against this dork. The paypal button is a good idea.

21 05 2009

Would it help or hurt to post your story on The Political Carnival? I’m game, but have stayed out of it in case it affects you at all negatively.

Twitter me with your answer, if you’re so inclined.

21 05 2009

Glad to throw some cash your way if need be.

21 05 2009

You’ll have to make that decision yourself, GottaLaff, if she says anything it could be used as evidence.

21 05 2009

Nothing you wrote is even remotely defamatory. This guy drafted the funniest pro se complaint I’ve ever seen, and it’s destined for failure. You’ll need a Tennessee lawyer to help you with this, and I’m sure you’ll find help through the Netroots for that. But you didn’t write anything actionable.

21 05 2009

I completely agree with what’s been said here. This guy is disgusting and represents what sucks about our country. I’ll donate to an LDF if it comes to that. You do a fantastic job on this blog, I’ve quickly become a fan.

21 05 2009

Don’t be discouraged, Stephanie — we’re behind you. And the LDF is a great idea. Also, I hope Tennessee has a statute regarding frivolous lawsuits.

22 05 2009

Stephanie, if you’re still looking, here’s one possible lead (see last comment on page) . Hang in there! God luck! I know it going to turn out BETTER THAN OK — after this little hurdle, you’ll be UNFLAPPABLE and UNSTOPPABLE!

22 05 2009

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