Tea party protests to be held every day, for the rest of your life

18 05 2009

I am so ignorant. So very, very ignorant. When I launched this blog about a week before the April 15 nationwide teabagging extravaganza, I thought it wouldn’t last the month. I thought when the (tea) party was over, the Paultards, secessionists, TCOTites, Santellianos, etc would all go scurrying back into their burrows and find some other shiny object to amuse themselves with.

I was so, so wrong.

Here is but a sampling of tea parties coming up in the next month:

  • May 18: Inland Empire (CA) Tea Party to protest Prop 1A
  • May 19: Temecula Tea Party at Temecula Duck Pond
  • May 23: Norwich, NY Tea Party at Norwich Courthouse. Live music!
  • May 23: Painesville, OH Tea Party
  • May 25: Pensacola, FL Tea Party
  • May 25: Erie, PA Tea Party
  • May 29: Butler Co. Ohio Tea Party
  • May 30: Gypsy Hill Tea Party, Staunton VA
  • May 30: North Central Ohio Tea Party, Mansfield
  • May 30: Patriot Tea Party, Wonderland Park, Wasilla, AK
  • June 13: Midwest FairTax Rally and Tea Party, Boone County Fairgrounds, Columbia, MO
  • June 14: Lakeland FL Flag Day Tea Party
  • June 14: North Lake Tea Party Sign Protest, Eustis, FL

It seems the little taste of notoriety the teabaggers got on April 15 turned them into fame junkies, frantically jonesing for their next fix, and goddammit, they are going to have a tea party every single fucking day if that’s what it takes to get that feeling back. Upset about paying taxes? Have a tea party! Don’t like a local ballot initiative? Teabag it! Neighbor’s dog taking shits on your lawn? Get your ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ signs ready!

Having been all but run out of the federal government and continuing to insist on cannibalizing any part of their own party that’s not quite nutty enough, I guess there’s not much conservatives can do but hold poorly spelled signs about socialism outside the local Tastee Freeze, which, all things considered, is fine. Just try to keep it down, guys. The adults have work to do.




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18 05 2009

It’s funny, because the people that have time to attend these parties are probably out of work and, therefore, pay little to no taxes at all. With no work on the horizon, they have to find something to fill the time.

I just find it amusing that these who these “protests” are only serving to benefit the very employers who aren’t hiring them.

19 05 2009

There’s going to be another Teabaggers’ Ball in Pensacola? Didn’t they learn their lesson last month when they let me speak?


19 05 2009
Imelda Blahnik

I’m drinking a cup of tea while I read your informative and amusing blog. Happy to have found it. Keep up the good work.

P.S. some neighbor’s dog routinely shits on my lawn, and it does piss me off, but that has no connection to my drinking tea. I just like tea.

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