Embarrassing failure Michael Patrick Leahy defends his honor, imagines more things

16 05 2009

Well of course. After revealing on Wednesday that smarmy dick-lizard Michael Patrick Leahy’s interest in taxes does not extend to actually paying them, we here at Teablogging received pretty much the response we expected (left: Ah ha ha of course, right: teh libelz!). But something else happened too—While Your Editor was taking a Nyquil-induced disco nap, one Keith Olbermann picked up the story and named Leahy and his $150,000 in judgments, liens, etc, his Worst Person in the World.

And so, of course, three days after giving Teablogging (dot NET, ahem) essentially a green light to publish what the fuck ever (not his words; he doesn’t appreciate “swears”), Leahy is suddenly INCENSED at the LEFT WING SMEAR MERCHANTS who would sully his good name with, uh, true things that actually happened.

In a post published do his blog on Friday, Leahy chronicles and, in his mind, justifies, each lien and judgment Teablogging published. Then, in true Leahy style, he goes on to challenge Olbermann—who I’m sure had never heard of Leahy before yesterday and hasn’t given him a thought since—to a live debate on either the O’Reilly Factor or whatever the fuck Glenn Beck’s program is called.

Jesus Christ, again?

First of all, let’s at least give Leahy credit for spinning a delusion that’s at least somewhat less grandiose than a few weeks ago when he “agreed” to meet with President Obama because, er, teabags.

Much more amusing, though, is the utterly transparent bullshit Leahy is pulling here. Let’s recap the past three days: Your Editor: Hey Dickbag, I’m going to publish this. Leahy: Silence. Teablogging: Hey world, guess who doesn’t pay his taxes? Leahy: Silence. Huffington Post, Crooks and Liars and other miscellaneous internets: Teabagger doesn’t pay taxes. Leahy: Silence. Olbermann: Here is a thing that everyone is already reporting. Leahy: OH MY GOD I AM BEING VICTIMIZED.

The fact is that Leahy probably hissed with glee when he saw his serpentine mug on Countdown. Like Your Editor, Leahy is nothing if not a fame whore, and he knew full well that if if he’d explained himself to Teablogging four days ago the way he explained himself in the post yesterday, I probably wouldn’t have published anything at all. But Leahy didn’t want to discourage these “vicious attacks.” Quite to the contrary. This—the outrage, the faux victimization, the insane posturing—is Leahy’s bread and butter.

Which brings me, finally, to my point. I, Your Teablogging Editor, would like to issue my own public challenge to Michael Patrick Leahy: Michael, it’s time we settled this like adults, and like patriots, which is why I invite you to join me for a live webcast in which we’ll see, once and for all, who loves America the most by competing to see who can recite the preamble to the Constitution with more Peeps in his or her mouth.

Your move, Leahy.




12 responses

16 05 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, Stephanie Grasmick, an Obama shill dedicated not to the reality that is runaway government spending, but is rather dedicated to defending an indefensible liberal policy by smearing folks.

We know who you are and who you know. Keep it up.

16 05 2009

Right-wing threats for telling the truth about someone’s failure to pay what he owes? Wow, Steph, you’re getting into the big time! Keep up the good work :-).

16 05 2009

Thanks, Brooks. You’re all class.

16 05 2009

i casually mentioned to a girl yesterday that i have been drunk with you on a number of occasions. i took said girl home later that night. THIS CANNOT BE A COINCIDENCE.

16 05 2009

“Runaway government spending”. Do wingnuts masturbate to this phrase?
Fact: Republican presidents and Republican-controlled Congress have spent more than their Democratic counterparts…I challenge any REAL American TAXPAYER to prove otherwise.

17 05 2009

brooks, i’d love to hear about all the comments, tweets, etc. you left on the blogs of non-“obama shills” who “smeared” obama’s cabinet picks by pointing out their past tax histories. or, IOKIYATB, i guess?

17 05 2009


Made of WIN.

19 05 2009

Bring it on, Twoofie. The power of wingnuts stamping their little feet maybe just enough to earn you a pity laugh.

20 05 2009

Look, the fact is that I love this blog. And there is no doubt that Repub wingnut shitbat shenanigans by fucked up fucktard tea yobs black man President we’re scared shitless “morans” will continue. I don’t see you running out of material for quite some time. Look forward to reading you.

20 05 2009

Ya know what’s awesome? On his very own blog, he admits to being a big tax fraud: http://michaelpatrickleahy.blogspot.com/2009/05/keith-olbermann-leads-personal-attacks.html

“The left wing blog smear listed a total of 12 distinct judgements covering the period 1993-2009. The total dollar amount of these judgements were $145,264.”

Truth is an absolute defense against libel.

17 06 2009
Ray Smith

This is the same jerk that is now behind http://www.firedavidletterman.com . He\’s urging Letterman\’s sismissal and a boycott of sponsors to the the Letterman Show over a Bristol Palin joke.

19 06 2009

I want you to know that I think I found something this conservative can agree on with a liberal. Leahy is an ass. I have never liked him and liked him even less the more I talked to him.

Keep the pressure on and maybe, just maybe if we are lucky he will crawl in a hole and cover it up.

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