Next tea party movement to be all about… gay marriage?

14 05 2009

I meant to post this tweet yesterday but didn’t because you know Vulcan Death-Flu whatever, so here it is now.


Looking at the ReTeaparty and Free and Equal web sites, I honestly can’t say who is supporting what with any certainty, but seeing tea partiers support gay marriage would actually make perfect sense if they were, say, even close to actually being about what they say it is they’re about–liberty, personal freedom, limited government, etc.

Something tells me, though, that a whole bunch of the classy, enlightened folks who turned out on April 15 would not support this, at all.




One response

14 05 2009

There was a guy at the tea party I attended in NYC carrying a sign that said “GAY MARRIAGE = FLAT TAX” (because gay marriage = fair taxation for queer couples, I didn’t ask him if he supported the flat tax or was just trying to make a point). It was pretty great. If they had any sense …

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