Tea party leader/insane clown also major tax delinquent, apparently

13 05 2009

Well no wonder he doesn’t like taxes very much. According to documents obtained by Teablogging by running a goddamned simple Nexis search on the internets, national Tea Party organizer, Top Conservatives on Twitter cofounder and TCOTReport.com publisher Michael P. Leahy has, over the past 16 years, amassed nearly $150,000 in state and federal tax liens, small claims court judgments and civil suits.

It’s an open secret among teabaggers and elsewhere that Leahy is a delusional, profiteering creep and, potentially, a member of some alien race of Lizard People here to feed on the human race, for freedom. You might have heard of Leahy during the Great TCOT Civil War hilarious catfight of 2009, when he basically threw a bitch fit on the internet because TCOT cofounder and reasonable adult Rob Neppell wouldn’t let him be the supreme boss of everything which was, like, TOTALLY UNFAIR. You will find that this is something of a recurring theme with Leahy.

So anyway, megalomaniac? Check. Self-defeating hack? Check. Lizard Person? Definitely check. And now, yes, apparently tax negligence? Check and check.

Seriously, does Leahy have naked pictures of other teaparty leaders that they continue to associate with this no-talent fartsack? Actually, no, please don’t answer that.

Whatever. If this slapstick band of unintentionally hilarious fuckups wants to join Leahy in committing collective suicide in front of everybody, live, on the internet, they can go right on ahead. I just wouldn’t lend him any money.

Take a look at our source docs here (pdf)

*In an uncharacteristic act of actual journalism, Teablogging.net contacted Mr. Leahy prior to the publication of this post. He thanked us for the heads up (and chided us for using dirty words) but didn’t offer any further comment. Boo-yah.




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13 05 2009

Classic! Hypothetical taxpayers should only attend hypothetical protests …

13 05 2009
JoeWo Joe Wosik Blog » Blog Archive » Anti tax protestor protesting taxes he doesn’t pay

[…] This is pretty funny.  Protesting something you have to do that you don’t do in the first place.  Story is here […]

14 05 2009

I dunno. As much as I think the Tea Party people are short-sighted, selfish and wrong, I think this kind of illustrates that in regards to taxes, this guy is putting his money where his mouth is.

14 05 2009
Jason Reed

Oh who cares, leave the guy alone, he’ll hang himself eventually.


14 05 2009
popurls.com // popular today

popurls.com // popular today…

story has entered the popular today section on popurls.com…

14 05 2009
the weakonomist

I’m sure he sees himself as a hero. I kind of do, even if I don’t agree with him.

14 05 2009

How does this turd think we pay for body armor and bullets.

Oh yeah Republicans don’t think its patriotic to pay your taxes during a war.

Treasonous Slime.

Scratch a libertarian wound a Racist – I’m sure Mr. Leahy would tell you that the government wouldn’t need his tax money if they cut out the “waste” which is the new codespeak for a black president giving all our money to gang bangers to get high.

Funny how noone seemed worried about government “waste” when Republicans controlled all three branches of government for 3 years.

14 05 2009

emmm… wasn’t it for 6 years?

14 05 2009
All the News in Fits of Print – 5/14 « Media Gadfly

[…] Iraqi prison that the U.S. military turned into a detention and intelligence-gathering center. [TEABLOGGING] TEA PARTY LEADER IS A TAX FRAUD. I hope that if MSNBC ever has this guy on again for the next […]

14 05 2009
James Fountain

Let’s keep after these hypocrites. If I seem to have been strangely silent on this issue it is because some of my favorite targets have been strangely silent as well. When they rear their ugly heads again I’m gonna hammer ’em right back down.

14 05 2009

I linked to this story from the Huffington Post website thinking it would be a serious piece of journalism against this type of hypocrisy. Instead, I found a juvenile rant filled with obscenities that only served to weaken any of the actual facts of the story.

14 05 2009

Oh hell no he’s not. Real tax protesting encompasses cutting yourself off from society and becoming self-sufficient, not sticking around and gathering the benefits while not paying your share.

This man is nothing more than a lazy, irresponsible piece of shit. And how much do you want to bet that he rallies against all those “welfare cheats” living off the government?

14 05 2009

Oh Christ, lighten up. It’s supposed to be a half humorous, half serious look at this “Tea Party” phenomenon. The facts aren’t dependent upon how many obscenities are uttered in a particular paragraph. The man’s still a tax cheat.

And besides, look at this… “movement”. It’s pathetic. It deserves to be laughed at and mocked.

14 05 2009
Jorge Barake

This is just, say, ironic and hilarious. But as my mom used to say, “never kick a man he’s down.” Unfortunately, in this case, I have to say (I’m sorry mom) that she was so wrong. 🙂

14 05 2009
All Spin Zone » Why Did Michael P. Leahy Lead the Teabagging Movement?

[…] was delinquent on his taxes, as well as several other bills. The story is broken by the Teablogging web site, where they have a link to public information about Leahy’s tax and debt delinquency, which […]

14 05 2009

What’s hilarious is the fraudulant reporting in this story. He’s a billionaire who’s amassed $150k in liens/judgements. Big deal…most billionaires have along the way. They’re CIVIL judgements…and NOT back taxes. I want someone to provide actual evidence that he owes outstanding back taxes. Because none have been provided. The 15 liens/judgments are from PA, NY and TN. All 15 are civil judgments – no back taxes mentioned. They range from about $450 to $18,000.

This is nothing more than a pathetic attempt by the Obama apologists to try and silence people who are exercising their First Amendment rights. Not surprising that you’d put out a bunch of blatantly false accusations to try and smear this guy.

14 05 2009

What Obama “apologists” do you refer to? There is no such group as no apology is needed. On the other hand, you must belong to the Republican refuse-to-apologist gang.

And I don’t care WHAT he owes $$ for—He’s a rich b—–d who owes money and doesn’t pay. And what would his excuse be hmmm?
he wouldn’t have food to eat, or he might not be able to pay his mortgage if he paid those bills? Or maybe he’s just ‘special’ and doesn’t have to pay, like the rest of the peons right?

And you defend him…….lol.

14 05 2009


Debtor Information
Debtor 1
SSN: 457-19-XXXX
Debtor 2
SSN: 123-48-XXXX
Creditor Information
Name: IRS
Filing Information
Filing State: TENNESSEE
Filing Date: 10/3/2005
Amount: $59,556
IRS Serial
Number: 249562305
Filing 1
Filing Number: 05047118
Filing Date: 10/3/2005
Book/Page: 3702/516
Filing County: WILLIAMSON
Filing Office: TN

14 05 2009
Jorge Barake

You bad… 🙂

14 05 2009

The government taking down one man won’t stop us. We will see the Kenyan usurper to the Presidency ousted from office! DOWN WITH COMMUNISM!!!

14 05 2009

The sanme way most of the Obama’s cabinet members.I’ve always said there is no difference from either party.just dumb people who walk the party line.

14 05 2009

Oh, but it’s ok nObama and his lovely appointees don’t pay taxes?? What’s more insane is how the lefties stand up for nObama and his zombie thieves.

15 05 2009

Oh, then I suppose you’re volunteering to go over the Obamas’ and Bidens’ tax returns from this past year line by line, then ask the IRS for proof that they paid the full amounts listed as due? Or all of his nominees who have in the past had and resolved tax liens and miscalculations in the range of a few thousand dollars? Or Mr. Leahy’s returns, tax records, and outright refusal to pay more than a hundred thousand dollars in taxes in protest to the whole idea of taxation?

Here’s an example: a governor doesn’t make capital punishment legal by beginning to execute prisoners he thinks should have been given the death sentence. However much you dislike taxation, you don’t get it overturned by not paying your taxes. And yes, before anyone asks, I do pay my own taxes, I calculate MY OWN taxes, and I paid just over $140 each in federal and Arizona state income taxes this year, and I have the records and would be more than glad to let whoever would like to recheck my work, and try to call me out for cheating on my taxes, do so.

15 05 2009

That’s a pretty big word for you. Obviously, you don’t know what “communism” means. You are sad.

15 05 2009

you do watch TV don’t you? How many democrats have been caught not paying their taxes? the head of the IRS didn’t pay his taxes but he wants to make sure that we all did….even with all of the “waste” we wont talk about the two natural disasters, more aids relief to africa then any other president or the two wars that were funded, the debt has already been tripled. When Obama says he is going to cut the debt in half, he just be getting it back to what the democratic congress approved the last two times through.

15 05 2009

are you gonna start hammerin with the Speaker or the head of treasury?

15 05 2009

i don’t know but wasn’t geither about 35000 and the other guy who had the car for a couple of years was over 100000 doesn’t sound like a couple thousand to me. Also none of them were going to pay until they got nominated for posts and had to pay. So don’t jump up and down like timmy was on the phone with the IRS saying I think that Turbo Tax was wrong and I made a mistake. I’ll check your taxes if really want me to

15 05 2009

maybe he just forgot to pay, works for the cabinet members huh?

15 05 2009


15 05 2009
Bloggingheads can suck it « Teablogging

[…] Comments EL PINCHE on Tea party leader/insane clown also major tax fraud, apparentlyjmd on Tea party leader/insane clown also major tax fraud, apparentlyjmd on Tea party […]

15 05 2009

Apparently he bypassed protesting and went straight to civil disobedience regarding the tax code. If he refuses to pay, he is principled; if he eventually cracks under the pressure and pays, he is a pussy.

15 05 2009
Jill R.


15 05 2009
Jill R.


I dunno, it must be that new Republican math whereby 2+2=1000, but for the top 2% only.

15 05 2009
In a desperate plea for attention, tea party leader pretends he’d debate Keith Olbermann about his tax issues « Media Gadfly

[…] popular #tcot hash tag on twitter and one of the original organizers of the national Tea Parties, has amassed over $150000 over the past sixteen years in state and federal tax liens, small claims court judgments and civil […]

15 05 2009
ShortsandPants - Tea Party “Founder” Michael P. Leahy In Even More Trouble

[…] America’s most important journalist, Stephanie, uncovered $150,000 worth of tax liens against national tea party organizer Michael P. Leahy. You can read the […]

15 05 2009

HEY…Amen to that JMD!

He’ll certainly qualify for a BO Cabinet position too! All of BO’s Cabinet members, especially TAX CHEAT Geithner should get along smashingly…

You Libs are such hypocrits! Jump off!

15 05 2009

Here we go you LEFTY hypocrits…using BO’s favorite MARXIST’s RULES: “ALINSKY’S RULES FOR RADICALS”!

THOSE W/O SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE…Make sure w/you drop them its on your own toes!

15 05 2009

Great logic….two wrongs make it all right. Moral relativism has no province on the left or right it merely shows SMALL MIND.

and by the way…all those lovely people DID PAY THEIR FINES AND TAXES. Go crazy and at least the facts straight, Rush.

15 05 2009

No, he’s a lawbreaker shirking on his patriotic responsibilities. You know, after the Boston Tea Party, the Massachusetts Bay Colony offered to pay reparations for the acts of its citizens because vandalism isn’t civil disobedience, it’s a crime.

It was actually the Intolerable Acts drawn up by the British Parliament that fomented the Revolution as well as Lord North’s refusal to accept the reparations. This was the political act, not the Tea Party that set our country down the road.

So at best —- unprincipled and a pussy in my book.

15 05 2009

So Lyndon LaRouche was right!

16 05 2009
Cheney Running Wild In Torturous Tropical Breezes | DUSTYTRICE.COM

[…] He lives in a shack in the woods: Tea party leader/insane clown also major tax fraud, apparently […]

16 05 2009
Embarrassing failure Michael Patrick Leahy defends his honor, imagines more things « Teablogging

[…] Comments Cheney Running Wild In Torturous Tropical Breezes | DUSTYTRICE.COM on Tea party leader/insane clown also major tax fraud, apparentlychascates on Tea party leader/insane clown also major tax fraud, apparentlyCJ on Tea party […]

17 05 2009
In Defence of #tcot’s Michael P Leahy | The Bipartisan Report

[…] some negative exposure on the vicious left wing site teablogger.net and you can read their column here and Leahy’s response […]

19 05 2009
Tea Party leader, author, PJTV host tries to sue for libel on grounds he’s not “public figure” « Media Gadfly

[…] Leahy is suing Teablogging’s founder and editor in chief, Stephanie, for libelous claims in her post about his tax liens – he doesn’t dispute that the documents are factual, but it’s the “tax […]

19 05 2009
Rutherford and Williamson County tea party organizer owes thousands in taxes « Rutherford County Democratic Party

[…] Nationwide Tea Party Coalition co-founder and Williamson County Republican Michael Patrick Leahy filed a libel lawsuit naming Stephanie Grasmick and challenging her claim that Leahy committed “tax fraud.” […]

20 05 2009
Alleged Top Conservative on Twitter and Tea Party activist Michael Patrick Leahy sues StephanieInCA, aka Stephanie Grasmick, for defamation | Popehat

[…] Leahy appears to have tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid federal tax liens against his name, by clicking here. Unfortunately all of the sites at which copies of the suit itself were available were filthy […]

20 05 2009
Murfreesboro tea party organizer deletes his lawsuit « Rutherford County Democratic Party

[…] and small claims judgments against him. Leahy filed a libel lawsuit in Williamson County against the blogger who exposed his costly run-ins with the law and the […]

22 05 2009
ShortsandPants - War on Michael Patrick Leahy Continues— Was Pretty Much Screwed From the Beginning

[…] do (although most should), she sought comment from Leahy before publishing the post.  Grasmick wrote at the […]

23 05 2009
Fire Storm » Blog Archive » DailyUprising.com: Vicious hypocrisy

[…] is something of a stink going on between Teablogging.com and Michael P. Leahy, organizer of the Tea Party protests we all go to laugh at on tax […]

3 07 2009

Another one; Will they ever learn. Tea Partiers complain about taxes, while not paying thier own, as in “Joe the Plumber”, “Sarah Palin”, now this guy, ok how many more. Hypocrasy and the Bible thumpers. Guess what guys, ….I know most liberals are really the ‘faithful’ one’s in God’s eyes, not you characters with all the bellyaching, Crystal Palaces and hateful, hurtful, ignorant swine talk. Christian and Republic is an oxymoron.

4 08 2009
All Spin Zone » How Pay for Healthcare? Make Creationists and Teabaggers pay taxes

[…] First it was tea party organizer Michael Leahy who was caught with $150,000 in tax liens. Now it is teabagger Christian Hidalgo who owes $80,000 in back taxes. I think it might be time to […]

23 08 2009
Becky's Tech Blog » Blog Archive » How to pay for Healthcare: Make Tax Cheating Teabaggers Pay Up

[…] Tea party leader/insane clown also major tax delinquent, apparently « Teablogging. Share and […]

5 10 2009

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