GOP self-sabotage still hilarious

12 05 2009

Yesterday, following popular Republican governor Charlie Crist’s announcement that he plans to run for retiring Florida Sen. Mel Martinez’s seat, Markos Moulitsas of dailyKos fame tweeted a tongue-in-cheek request to the far right to primary him out, kthxbye. 

Of course, the teabag mafia was already on it, and now they’ve released this fancy ad:

Conservative cannibalism FTW!




3 responses

13 05 2009

Republican circular firing squad primary = Democratic Party win in the fall. I hope. Not that Democrats will solve all our problems & save the world but jeezus pig-fucking christ, anyone but wingtards.

13 05 2009
Tea party leader/insane clown also major tax fraud, apparently « Teablogging

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14 05 2009
Earnest Dodge

Crist is actually more liberal than the Democrat that will run. No real win here. Except for the gay jokes.

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