Chief teabagger becomes executive director of free market group he just made up

11 05 2009

Newly engaged (srsly, congrats!) and notoriously long-winded (srsly, ugh.) teabagger demigod Eric Odom took just 1,500 words this morning to announce the creation, in his own mind and possibly elsewhere, of the American Liberty Alliance.

In his words:

The American Liberty Alliance, or ALA, is currently developing an online environment where mass collaboration can occur. The free-market movement needs to build sound strategy and infrastructure that will enable a unified effort to implement political success in every area mentioned above. ALA will be identifying grassroots leadership in every state, and eventually, every county across the country. Once identified, these leaders will take ownership of this movement and work with a national effort to coordinate activity. As this is happening, ALA will be building comprehensive online infrastructure that will enable Americans from all political backgrounds and parties to join in on an effort to take back our country. Using state-of-the-art networking tools, messaging mechanisms, and data management, every activist and leader within the alliance will be able to communicate with the movement at large.

I didn’t read the whole thing because jesus christ, but the gist seems to be blah blah taxes bailout NObama unified movement teabags the end.


Full text here.




2 responses

13 05 2009

Who needs Ambien with that kind of crap floating around?

14 05 2009

ALA – is that pronounced Allah?

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