Rick Santelli is slightly frothier than usual

7 05 2009

The good stuff starts at about 3:00, and then just spins completely out of control around 4:25.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Depending on the duration of Your Editor’s hangover, I might post a transcript here later.




6 responses

7 05 2009

God. Santelli truly is batshit insane. Oh, and did you know that TPM linked to this?

7 05 2009

I am getting better educated, and I am making more money.

I still think Rick Santelli an one tremendous a-hole.

And frankly, most of my peers in my fancy Ivy League business school have said the same exact thing. Well, except the traders. But that’s to be expected. Santelli was a trader, right?

7 05 2009

Yep, he traded commodities.

8 05 2009

It’s about time Santelli gave Liesman a taste of his own medicine. Liesman probally cryed all the way home!

8 05 2009

Boykin cryed all the way home too!!

3 09 2009
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