Monday Evening Leftovers

4 05 2009

Vicki over at Frugal Cafe has done figgered out “why Sarah Palin drives female liberals crazy“:

Gov. Palin is beautiful, accomplished, smart, has strong convictions and conservative values, a deep belief in God and Jesus Christ, a happy family life, has a handsome, down-to-earth husband and beautiful kids who love her.

These are all the reasons for unhappy, mean-spirited, frumpy, trivial women with big gaping pathetic holes in their lives to hate her… she reminds them of the major deficiencies in their own lives and they’re worried that if compared to her by others, they won’t measure up. Just looking at her makes them feel insignificant. Palin makes them feel threatened and insecure, so of course, she must be brought DOWN. Like a rabid dog.

Aaaand that’s a wrap. You may now go back to your empty, pathetic lives.




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5 05 2009

So THAT’S why I’m frumpy and trivial–I’m a liberal! I’m so glad Miss Vicki was able to clear that up for me. I wonder if Miss Vicki (bless her heart!) hates Michelle Obama for the same reasons. And for her arms!

5 05 2009

Yes, that must be it. Or it could be that she’s a vacuous airhead who doesn’t deserve to be the dogcatcher in the tiniest town in the world, much less VPOTUS. Hmmm…which one, which one…I’ll go with the second one. Because I’m liberal. And mean. And smart.

(Shorter Vicki: “STEREOTYPES R FUN!”)

5 05 2009

So THAT is why I have the urge to bring down rabid dogs. Because looking at them makes me feel insignificant! I was wondering.

5 05 2009
the problemwithcaring

A happy family life?

Wasn’t her teenage dropout of a daughter’s’ baby daddy and his criminally convicted family on Tyra and Larry King show last week talking about how they are going to sue y’all asses for custody of a bastard baby?

And a handsome, down-to-earth husband?

Is that what we are calling a chronically out-of work fisherman with a pubic hair goatee, nowadays?

Yea, my circle of family and friends would really be impressed if had Sarah Palin’s life. Impressed by how massively my standards had fallen.

5 05 2009
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