It's about goddam time.

4 05 2009

Good news, teabaggers! Someone is here to unite you! 

New Jersey teabagger, admitted tax cheat and administrator of such high-profile internet web sites as Kelly Grillo yesterday announced the launch of based on the totally unique idea* “to help the organizers of Tea Parties organize and make it easy.”


The site includes quotes from the Declaration of Independence, the weird assertion that it is  “100% FREE, and a story about this one time when Grillo stood outside in the rain, all day, for freedom.


*Unique idea shared by: Tea Party Update, Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Patriots, The 9/12 Project, We Surround Them, It’s Time for the Tea Party, Teabag Washington, Nationwide Chicago Tea Party, Tax Day Tea Party, New American Tea Party, Independence Day Tea Party, Tea Party Day, Tea Party Roundtable and ReTea Party.




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5 05 2009

Everyone use my pants to schedule your party. Everybody’s comin’.

5 05 2009

Just look at the TAX Cheats that the White House apointed into office. I guess its a forgivable offense. Your point is?

5 05 2009

Point is teabaggers are morans who supposedly are protesting something about taxes yet one of the supposedly key organizers is a tax cheat. Is that clear enough or do I need to phonetically sound it out for you?

6 05 2009

I read the file linked and it appears whoever posted that is a liar or they cannot read.

The amazing thing is anyone would make comments like those above about an individual attempting to exercise their freedom of speech. I can’t imagine anyone wanting us as a nation to pay more in taxes regardless of your level of income. Regardless of your political feelings or party.

I kinda feel sorry for the guy. He makes what appears to be a sincere attempt to get others to look at what we are paying in taxes and work to allow us all to pay less and he is slandered for it. We just went through 8 years of government growth like never before in history, can’t blame anyone for wanting to keep an eye on our money.

Nice to know sites like this are around that are all about spinning the truth, sure hope you are not claiming to be democrat, most of us are smart enough to know others have rights and doing what you have done here is exactly the kind of BS we want nothing to do with. Did you see if there was a charge? Do you think his business has anything to do with anything? Only thing his business says to me is he must be a liberal. Do you confirm any of the information you post on this site? Your credibility is worthless making articles like this one.

Stick to the facts, publish truth that matters. Tea Baggers have right also, yeah it may have started in as a half baked attempt to trash the current administration but that does not mean it was all a bad idea but more important it is their right in this country regardless of what you may think.

I just can’t figure out what side of things this site is supposed to be on, obviously not a site supporting Democrats since you are attempting to trash someone else right to freedom of speech. Can’t be a republican site since they are supposed to be pro smaller government and lower taxes. So I guess this is one of those sites that just wants to run down anything anyone does no matter what it is. Wasted space on the web. This is a great way to improve nothing.

6 05 2009

Dear Mr. Serious,




7 05 2009

He should post this as evidence to the mentality of the Moran’s that don’t have the good sense to stand up for a better deal especially when it comes to Taxes collected. It’s a prov en fact that if you want it done right and have 1/2 a brain you do it yourself. The government just wants us to believe money will print the mistakes away without getting their hands dirty and the backs of ones that do!

HoboSpaceJunkie do You at least work? By definition of you Nick name =

Hobo is a term that refers to homeless migrants,[1] particularly those who make a habit of hopping freight trains. The iconic image of a hobo is that of an itinerant beggar, one that was solidified in American culture during the Great Depression. Hobos are often depicted carrying a bindle and/or a sign asking for money.

Space is the boundless, three-dimensional extent in which objects and events occur and have relative position and direction.[1] Physical space is often conceived in three linear dimensions, although modern physicists usually consider it, with time, to be part of the boundless four-dimensional continuum known as spacetime. In mathematics spaces with different numbers of dimensions and with different underlying structures can be examined. The concept of space is considered to be of fundamental importance to an understanding of the universe although disagreement continues between philosophers over whether it is itself an entity, a relationship between entities, or part of a conceptual framework.

The term ‘Junky’ is a colloquial term with negative connotations to refer to a person who is thought to be a drug user.

Is that clear enough or do I need to phonetically sound it out for you?

7 05 2009

Which part are you offering to sound out phonetically for me? What part is supposed to be clear? I’m assuming you insulted me somewhere in there, but all I see is dictionary definitions of hobo, space & junkie.

Please don’t use phrases like ‘proven fact.’ It does not help you.

Do I at least work? What does that mean? Do I ‘at least’ work? Please be more specific. If I ‘at least’ worked, what would this mean to you?

Thank you for the dictionary definitions. I am not sure what the first paragraph means, so I can’t comment on it.

I do have one question for you. Were you as emotionally distraught at the deficit spending during the 8 years of W’s reign? You know he started with a surplus, cut taxes only for obscenely wealthy people, started two wars and, whaddya know, super-huge deficits. Now that President Obama is trying to rectify this mess, this recession caused by deficit spending, no oversight of financial markets and tax cuts for the very people who have benefited most from our free society and so should therefore pay their fair share, then you people get all up in arms about taxes and your future and whatever other extreme muddied messages the teabaggers tried to convey.

Would you be doing this if John McCain were implementing similar policies? Because he would. Any sensible economist agrees that govt spending should increase in response to a huge drop in the demand side of the economy. So let’s say McCain is doing the same things. I’m guessing most of the teabaggers wouldn’t be so bothered. Because John McCain is white.

We can boil down the teabaggers’ so-called arguments into one pithy phrase: we’re angry because we lost the election (and we’re especially angry because we lost it to, gasp, a negro!) Yes I’m calling the teabaggers racists. Obama’s approval ratings are high, almost 70%. That means you and people like you are in the minority. A rather small minority. A shrinking minority. Obama is doing what the electorate elected him to do. You don’t like it? Good for you. Nobody cares. You lost. Sit back & take it for the next four-eight years. That’s how W governed. He barely had over 50% in the 2004 election yet governed as if he had a huge mandate, ignoring the rather large minority who vehemently disagreed with his failing policies. That minority eventually turned into a majority and so now Obama does have a mandate. It comes from the almost 70% of people who approve of what he’s doing. He’s not even saying “you don’t like it? fuck off” the way W did. But I am. You don’t like it? Fuck off. Nobody cares. Your tea parties are a waste of time. You’re only on TV because we’re pointing at you & laughing. So please, keep the comedy comin’ because you guys are the best political entertainment we’ve had in years.

16 07 2009

My 2 cents:

Remember, at this point, given all that the American people now know, Dissent IS Patriotic. Read

Thanks – pass it on.


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