Tempest in a TCOT

1 05 2009

You may have noticed that yesterday this Very Famous Internet Website, Teablogging, “broke” possibly the pettiest and most banal story in the history of the intarwebs, the snarly, catty, totally overblown civil war over the hashtag #TCOT between Gossip Girls Robert Neppell and Michael Patrick “Douchenozzle” Leahy.

As they say, the conservative movement is like a circus with a lot of mean clowns, and if you missed yesterday’s three-ring production, you can catch up with the original Teablogging post, the follow-up, Douchenozzle Leahy’s public acceptance of a completely imaginary invitation to the White House as well as coverage from other outlets, including TPM and Firedoglake.

I don’t think we’ll ever know (or care) what really went down yesterday, but based on some “actual reporting” at Firedoglake, TeaPartyPatriots and elsewhere, it seems like a battle between a true believer and an opportunist hack. I won’t say who is who, but I think the word “douchenozzle” is a pretty good hint.

In a larger sense, there is really nothing sadder nor more hilarious than watching grown men behave like children in public, so a big thank you to Neppell and Leahy for playing out this slap-fight in front of everyone. Pass the popcorn.




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4 05 2009
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16 05 2009
Embarrassing failure Michael Patrick Leahy defends his honor, imagines more things « Teablogging

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