Update! Update! Update!

30 04 2009

The pettiest story in the history of time continues to evolve….

"Jane, you ignorant slut."

Read the initial post here and the first follow-up here.


Oh jesus god.

Zomg it’s like the Paris Peace Conference, the Council of Nicea and Appomatox Courthouse all rolled into one!




3 responses

1 05 2009
Tempest in a TCOT « Teablogging

[…] yesterday’s three-ring production, you can catch up with the original Teablogging post, the follow-up, Douchenozzle Leahy’s public acceptance of a completely imaginary invitation to the White House […]

1 05 2009
TCOT (Teabagger Catfight On Twitter) « Teablogging

[…] TCOT (Teabagger Catfight On Twitter) More TCOT developments here […]

4 05 2009
Insane douchenozzle Michael Patrick Leahy continues to imagine, accept White House invite « Teablogging

[…] Hot on the heels of being forcibly removed from the tea party movement for basically being a dick, to everyone, all of the time, famed conservatard Michael Patrick Leahy continues to loudly accept […]

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