TCOT (Teabagger Catfight On Twitter)

30 04 2009

More TCOT developments here and here

Sorry kids, Mom and Dad are getting a divorce. And yeah, it is kind of your fault. 

This morning teabagger-in-chief and “Top Conservatives on Twitter” (TCOT) co-founder Rob Neppell posted this message on (which has since been removed) outlining his decision to shut down the site and encouraging fellow TCOT co-founder and notorious douchenozzle Michael Patrick Leahy to, essentially, eat a bag of dicks.

According to the note, Leahy also “was recently asked to leave the leadership team of Tea Party Patriots” “due to his inability to work in a group decision-making environment.” Oh, snap.

Revolution is never easy.

Suck it, Leahy

UPDATED 1:50 p.m.  PDT

Bros before hoes.




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30 04 2009

It’s so much easier to defeat the extreme right wing when the one thing they are most effective at is turning on one another. Pass the popcorn.

30 04 2009
Michael Patrick Leahy is officially insane « Teablogging

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30 04 2009
Twitter #tcot Lover’s Quarrel Leads to Divorce |

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30 04 2009

wow.. twitter + conservative jerks + general drama queen-ism = ….why am I reading this?

30 04 2009
Update! Update! Update! « Teablogging

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30 04 2009

Having weathered the identity/cultural campus politics of the mid-90s (as a progressive), can I just say that I’m shocked at how conservatives never seem to grow up.

30 04 2009

looks like jr high school, LOL

30 04 2009
The Liberty Papers »Blog Archive » Disharmony @ #tcot, freedom @ #tlot

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1 05 2009

Ha ha his name is Nipple. Well close enough.

1 05 2009
Conservative Twitter Hashtag Breaks Up | Christopher Howell

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1 05 2009
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1 05 2009
Tempest in a TCOT « Teablogging

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1 05 2009

I love watching them bayonet their own survivors.

1 05 2009

Poo flinging chimpanzees on acid caught in own crossfire: Film at 11.

3 05 2009
PBCliberal » #tcot #p2 and the circular firing squad

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4 05 2009
Insane douchenozzle Michael Patrick Leahy continues to imagine, accept White House invite « Teablogging

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13 05 2009
Tea party leader/insane clown also major tax fraud, apparently « Teablogging

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11 10 2009
TBogg » How you gonna keep them down on the farm once they’ve been on PJTV?

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4 01 2010

grsr s ( et 81

14 01 2010
Hvorfor kan venstrefløjen ikke få den op at stå? « Ida Jeng «

[…] hamrende uvenner. Morsomt er det at læse brevet, hvor den ene stifter langer ud efter den andens ”inability to work in a group decision-making environment”. Der er gang i den på […]

2 06 2010

Over a year later and TCOT’s still around and more lively than ever. Same goes for the Tea Partiers.

But this website…well. I hear the sounds of crickets….

28 06 2010

aren’t they, though? its too funny.

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