100 days of Mexican Pig Death Liveblog

30 04 2009

0503: Pigpox!

0504: Budget! Sexxxy!

0505: 1st glass of wine = poured

0507: JESUS FUCKING CHRIST i had a faster connection than this on a goddam airplane.

0508: Wow, that didn’t last very long. (that’s what she said)

0510: How does Chuck Todd get his hair so shiny? Conditioner?

0512: Why are you so filthy, America?

0513: Detroit News? Whaa???

0515: Okay, who told Helen Thomas this was a costume presser?

0516: Why am I liveblogging in question form?

0519: BO is sorta making David Pattersen eyes. The torture question is not a surprise, right?

0520: Way to follow up with the ONLY PART OF THE QUESTION HE ANSWERED ALREADY. Jeez.

0523: CHUCK.

0524: “No jobs, no schools, no rule of law.” Pakistan sounds a lot like Detroit.

0528: Chip=TIE FAIL

0531: Glass of wine #2

0532: “Hey GOP: Suck it.”

0533: BO “doesn’t believe in crystal balls.” BUT WHAT ABOUT TRUCK NUTZ, SIR?

0534: Ah ha, Ed Henry. Ask about AIG!

0536: “Freedom of choice is not my top legislative priority.” OHHHH.

0537: Enchanted? Christ, Zeleny, you would ask that.

0541: We get it, BO, you love soldiers, BLAH BLAH BLAH. You should have said Michelle’s arms.


0544: Better answer: “McCain? Hm. Doesn’t ring any bells, no.”

0548: Somebody has not been reading his Byron York, obvs. Stupid question. The black unemployment rate would be so much lower if we didn’t count ALL THE BLACK PEOPLE.

0552: Glass o wine #2 = DUNZO.

0553: War joke! Hilarity!

0554: “Umbilical cord between auto companies and US Treasury.” Thanks for the visual, Barry.

0556: FOUR MINUTES TIL EAST COAST LOST. Wrap it up, ppl.

0558: “We’ve got a big set of … challenges.”

0559: Done! CHUG!

0600: WHEW. I need a cigarette.




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