Vive la Resistance

29 04 2009

Have you heard of ResistNet? It’s like Teabagging, but actually crazier and with an even poorer grasp of basic web design!

Like the 700 or so other hastily created teabagger social networks (or “Nings” as the kids are calling them now), you basically hand over your email address and they spam you forever with assorted Truth Alerts about Hussein NObambi’s FACIST plan to spend all ur muneez to bail out the abortion industry and whatnot. Oh and p.s., they’d like for you to send your hard-earned  welfare dollars Bachmanneros as a “donation” in exchange for this very fancy booklet Resistance Manual about how Nobama is going to fuck everything up goodbye America the end.

It's so lonely over here.

I literally cannot wait to see who these people nominate in 2012.




One response

29 04 2009

Thank god YOU read this shit so I don’t have to. How do your eyeballs not explode?
It’s hard to keep from ripping out my hair when I think about how utterly stupid these Murricans are. Ugh. Waste of perfectly good oxygen they are.

I hope they are first in line for the pandemic.

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