There are no Republicans anymore means we are all Republicans now

29 04 2009

The man’s middle name is “Mountain.” What do you do?

Sen. Arlen Specter’s decision to switch parties and run for reelection as a Democrat foreshadows a Republican landslide in midterm elections, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) argued Wednesday.

“This is the first visible evidence that what happened in 1993 is happening again now,” Inhore said during an appearance on Fox News, arguing that the 2010 midterm elections will mirror the 1994 elections in which Republicans made major gains.

Inhofe said that voters’ turn against President Clinton’s initiatives on healthcare and the military in 1994 would see history repeat itself in 2010, with voters again turning against the Obama administration’s proiorities. He cited Specter and Republican candidate Pat Toomey as evidence.

“The guy that ran against him and was defeated by Arlen Specter six years ago now is so far ahead of him that Arlen Specter’s own adviser said there’s no way that you can win this thing unless you change to the Democratic Party,” Inhofe explained. “Now, to me, that’s the evidence it’s coming.”

More at The Hill.




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