Did you know that there is this congresswoman, from Minnesota, and that she is insane?

29 04 2009

Yes! In fact, the DCCC has a whole special blog devoted just to her manic ramblings. 

Here she is on C-SPAN, last night, talking about gay crosswalks and the government peering into the mind of crossdressers. Democracy!

It’s arguably even more fun in transcript format

If you have an individual going through a crosswalk and a person is in their car and they hit that person in the crosswalk, it is up to the person who is hit to file the charge if it was a hate crime or not. So if the person is gay, and that is the status that is being protected, and the person driving the car is straight, would it be a hate crime if the person driving the car who is straight hit the person who is gay in the crosswalk? So does it say, then, that that life that was hit in the crosswalk is more valuable because it was a gay life versus if the person who was in the car, who is gay, who hits the person in the crosswalk, who is straight, does that mean that the straight person in the crosswalk doesn’t have a cause of action against the person who is gay who is driving that car? 

Watching Michele Bachmann speak is like doing PCP, but with worse side effects.




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