Why you should never teabag on the first date

27 04 2009

Teabaggers need love too, you know! And for some, one day of hott Paultard-on-Paultard teabagging was simply not enough to get them through those lonely nights cruising RonPaulForums and thumbing through well-worn pages of Atlas Shrugged. Not at all!

Some of these teabaggers were so committed to the cause(s) that they simply were not able to make hot heterosexual love connections. But there is hope! And hope, thy name is CraigsList:

Tea party: teal green top, short reddish hair, black hair band? – m4w – 25 (denver)

Tea Party in Fort Worth – w4m – 50 (Near stairwell at LaGrave)

Boston Tea Party – m4w

Free Hug Campaign – m4w – 22 (State Cptl Bld. ATL)

Please send additional teabagger missed connections to teablogging@gmail.com




2 responses

28 04 2009

Oh, and it doesn’t surprise me a single bit that these morally bankrupt libruls are being so sexually promiscuous as to go cruising 4 s3x on that Hagslist thingie….oh? These were conservatives? Oh…well, they must be spreading the love of Jesus. That’s what it must mean.

[reverts to real self]

Yes, and the subtext to the “Free Hugs” one is a little odd. Is “giving free hugs” some kind of sexual euphemism? Because if it isn’t, it certainly could be.

29 04 2009
Heather Mac

Aww. 🙂

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