Like the XFL of Cable News

27 04 2009

We thought that when newspeople just cold lost their shit on live television they immediately achieved teabagger sainthood, but apparently this is not always the case. 

Evidently at one of the Teabagger rallies the other week Nancy Grace some other shrill CNN harpy in JC Penny misses separates and a Nancy Pelosi wig got a little sassy with some teabagger with a Lincoln fetish and now the teabaggers/fisters/etc are going to BRING DOWN CNN by giving you the phone numbers of the network’s advertisers, in exchange for your email address, which they will undoubtedly use to virtually teabag you, using the internet, forever.


You can view the full list on their site, but here are a few pieces of advertorial cinema we would be deprived of if the teabaggers get their way:

Monex Precious Metals 

Liberty Medical 







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