"Violence is almost certainly assured"

24 04 2009

Because “success” has many fathers, there are now about as many “official” tea party web sites as there are poorly-articulated teabagger complaints. Sometimes, when Your Editor has had whiskey for breakfast is feeling especially brave, she visits these important internet web sites, for freedom.

Fairly new on the teabaggy scene is TeaPartyNation.com, which looks like pretty much every other teabagging site, until you click the “about the tea party movement” link, and you’re redirected here:






2 responses

24 04 2009

Makes perfect sense to me — civil disobedience without violence is like fiscal responsibility without deficits.

25 04 2009

Alert the Secret Service, yawn.

Yeah, mister teabagging nation, you are SUCH A BIG THREAT to the government, you should indeed flatter yourself with the idea that posse comitatus will be repealed just so the army can put a boot up your ass.

The deluded sense of importance and success of these clowns is surpassed only by their innate lack of intelligence and self-awareness.

Blumpkins for Christ

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