Nutty old man has conversation with other nutty old man, proves Obama is a socialist

23 04 2009

Really! Again your editor bravely traveled straight to the heart of crazy to bring you this delicious morsel of Serious Journalism, in which Larry “The Mustache” Elder (“He slays dragons and topples sacred cows using facts, common sense and a ready wit.”) talks to some person–some BLACK person–at the barbershop about christ knows what and thus EMPIRICALLY PROVES that Barry Hussein NObama is teh Socialists!


I sat in the chair at my barber’s shop. A black customer came in, sat down and asked me whether I watched the coverage on the tea parties.

“Some,” I said.

“Well,” he responded, “it looked like a Klan meeting.”

“Excuse me?”

“I looked at my television,” he said. “I saw a bunch of white folks. It looked like a Klan meeting.”

“Tell me you’re kidding.”

“No, it was nothing but white people. Looked like a Klan meeting.”

“Really? I sometimes go to West Angeles (a large inner-city church with a predominately black congregation). Suppose a white guy walked into a Sunday service there and said, ‘Looks like a bunch of Bloods and Crips to me.'”

“That’s not the same.”

“Isn’t it? A bunch of people — some blacks included — came together in protest over this bailout stuff. But because most of them were white, you compared it to the Klan. News flash, my friend — not all white folks belong to the Klan.”

“OK, maybe you got a point.”

Etc., etc.





2 responses

23 04 2009

His mouth is moving, but all I hear is “BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!”

(Note: Yes, it’s just as proper to compare the Tea[bagging] Parties, which prominently featured signs implying that POTUS was a redical Socialust Muslin, to a Sunday church service. At least at the church services, people aren’t making talk about seceding from the Union.)

(Second note: Not all black people belong to gangs.)

23 04 2009

Then a customer came in and said, “It looked like a bunch of angry, muddled middle-class people defending something that’s not in their best interest.”
And I said, “A little more off the sides, please.” Told him.

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