The More You Know: Liberal paganism sacrifices children to global warming religion

22 04 2009

Well, we were going to bring you conservablog Race42012’s ( Tea Party piece, but this one seemed kind of important too, so, yeah. 


You can read the rest here, but please, do not stare directly into the crazy.




3 responses

22 04 2009

A-holes like him make me wanna poke my eyes out with a hot stick. :O

24 04 2009
Armani snowshoes are expensive « Teablogging

[…] to Serious Internet Web Site Race42012, “The Alaska Fund Trust is the official legal fund created to defend the integrity of the […]

2 05 2009

Terrific blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am gonna let everyone over at O-bot HQ (politijab) know to come over here and take a look…and, please feel free to join us at the forum , you’d fit right in! (

HQ will, of course, be adding you to the ranks!

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