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22 04 2009

So, we were just going to post this video of John Rich serenading Sean Hannity at the Atlanta Tea Party because 1) it is hilarious, 2) that is one snappy red jacket, and 3) MUSTACHE, but then a funny thing happened. We watched it. And listened to the lyrics. AND THOUGHT ABOUT THEM. And it turns out the lyrics of “Shuttin’ Detroit Down” are surprisingly, well, progressive, and are pretty much the exact opposite of what the teabaggers are about. 

First, watch:


Then read:

My daddy taught me in this country everyone’s the same.

(Except the Indians. And the blacks. And the Jews.)

You work hard for your dollar and you never pass the blame,

When it don’t go your way.
Now I see all these big shots whining on my evening news,
About how they’re losing billions and it’s up to me and you
To come running to the rescue.

Well pardon me if I don’t shed a tear.
[sic] selling make believe and we don’t buy that here.

Because in the real world they’re shuttin’ Detroit down,

Bailout Needed to Save US Auto Industry Administration’s Auto Bailout Illegal or Unconstitutional
Libertarian Party: Auto Bailout Insanity

While the boss man takes his bonus paid jets on out of town.

Firedoglake: Wannabe Teabagger-in-Chief Newt Gingrich in Hot Water over $4 Million in Private Flights
DeLay Flies Corporate Jet to Arraignment

DC’s bailing out them bankers as the farmers auction ground.

Total bank bailouts: $247B
Total crop subsidies in 2008 farm bill: $266B

Yeah while they’re living up on Wall Street in that New York City town,

Mmm hmm.

Here in the real world they’re shuttin’ Detroit down.
Here in the real world they’re shuttin’ Detroit down.

Well that old man’s been working in that plant most all his life,
Now his pension plan’s been cut in half and he can’t afford to die We are NOT entitled

And it’s a crying shame, cus he ain’t the one to Blame.

When I looked down to see his calloused hands,
Well let me tell you friend it gets me fightin’ mad.

Cause in the real world they’re shuttin’ Detroit down,
Here in the real world they’re shuttin’ Detroit down.




6 responses

22 04 2009

Fucking brilliant.

22 04 2009

Great points. Really the only thing I agree with from the song is that I’m against all of the bailouts. I’m also against farming subsidies. I mean how ridiculous is it to pay someone for not growing something? Idiotic.

22 04 2009
ShortsandPants - Blatant Cross-Post Whoring: Conservative anthem not actually about conservatism, at all

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23 04 2009

Mr. Rich was on Sean Assity one evening and recited the lyrics to this song — with complete earnestness, completely unaware that his song flew in the face of the sentiments he and the other guests were expressing. So it doesn’t take a genius to hold two contradictory ideas in his mind simultaneously — a dope can do the same thing.
Also, love the red blazer. I reckon he’s sponsored by Ramada Inn?

5 05 2009
Crazy cowboy lady is crazy « Teablogging

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6 05 2009
Daddyslittle librul

ha! I had never even heard of this ginormous douchette. Now that I have seen her and have questionned her patriotism…I personally believe she is on the Faux news payroll….. Her website quotes John Adams ( so she MUST be a Red Blooded American,) She also too, invites her “real Americans” to join that groovy and hip Alan Keyes for a Million Man March….Alan Keyes? Really? This chick bites harder than Michele Malkin, yew betcha

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