Redesigned Tea Party Web Site Confusingly Features "Washington Crossing the Delaware"

20 04 2009

Yeah, we don’t know either.





One response

20 04 2009

Ha! Now it’s “half a million Americans.” What a bunch of butt hurt lying ass clowns. Jesus christ. And such poor writing. “…took to the streets to present a clear dissatisfaction of our current government.” Pay an editor you fucknuts.

Let me try to re-write the 2nd paragraph from that Washington/Deleware thingy:

“On April 15th, 2009, more than a few, less than a whole lot of Americans took to the streets in an attempt to say “I’m white trash and I hate having an uppity nigger president” in every way possible w/o using the word nigger.

These protests were organized by FOX News & right-wing billionaires. The protesters were 95% overweight white men who have not had sex with another adult since the turn of the century.”

The funny’s just not there tonight. So it goes. But seriously, half a million? Where the fuck did they pull that number from? Obviously their asses. Still pales in comparison to anti-war protests or the latest Spice Girls tour. Or as Rachel pointed out, in several cities the numbers were smaller than attendances at local arenas to see last place teams from various sporty leagues play recently.

As I keep saying in various places, these are just the 10% most butt hurt of adult Americans. Hardly comprises a threat to President Obama’s agenda. Hell, he’s got more problems within his own party than from these encephalopathic cretins.

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