Taking the high road

19 04 2009

No not us, obvs. We wouldn’t recognize the high road if it Danza slapped us in the face. 

Rather, commenter Michael Heath shares on Dispatches from the Culture Wars a very grown-up way to respond to crazy teabaggers:

I just got back from a Townhall meeting with my U.S. Congressman Bart Stupak, MI-D, 1st district.

The teabaggers were out, all extreme right wing, all poor, and crying about an increase in their taxes. Stupak gave them the floor to vent their greviences, which ended up with zero questions but instead a 10+ minute diatribe.

We heard that the Constitution doesn’t allow Stupak to be a Congressman any longer due to term limits and therefore Stupak “hates the Constitution”. Pelosi is flying around in huge jets. That they don’t want their taxes raised; Rep. Stupak responded to this by actually walking them through a 1040 to show them how they got a tax credit as well as pointing out their withholding taxes were now reduced. Stupak also responded that term limits are a state law and the founders decided not to impose term limits on Congress. They are far nuttier and more idiotic in person then they are on the Internet. Their position was the exact opposite of reality on every issue they raised.

On the other hand several liberals had questions. They did their research, had pointed questions, and really challenged Rep. Stupak who talked about the status and the difficulty of achieving their objectives. Probably the best two was how to get the state of MI to release its funds to public schools so those schools could use the stabilization funds appropriated to them in the federal stimulus package – the principal behind this is related to the topic conservative governors have been vociferously objecting to in the media. The second issue was insuring that new coal plants only go up after those companies also install an appropriate alternative energy supply source, which is the current federal law I guess (that was the assumption stated by the questioner and inferred by Stupak). Stupak communicated that while we will adding a coal fired generator in Northern MI, that will get approved only after a wind farm is operational with the same amount of capacity which is being built in the thumb of MI.

The difference between the two groups could not be more glaring. One an educated group with legitimate concerns ensuring their Congressman was on top of things, the other pretty much just spazzing out like the first victim in the first Alien movie.

It’s reassuring to know that there are actual adults, like Congressman Stupak, who have both the brains and the infinite patience required to explain, probably with very small words and graphical aids, to the teabag mob that President Obama’s plan will actually cut taxes for everyone except for the very wealthiest Americans, the same folks, incidentally, who are pulling the strings behind the Teabags Across America movement.

As for us, don’t worry. We’ll continue taking the lowest possible road… to freedom.




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