Teabagged: The Morning After

16 04 2009

Well, yesterday was something, yeah? Now that the orgy’s over, the lights have been turned back up and the various Randians, Paultards, birthers, secessionists and assorted other fuckwits are making the morning walk of shame at this very moment, let’s pause to look back on the day America became one giant dirty joke.

Literally millions hundreds of thousands thousands hundreds tens of protesters turned out to take a stand against government, taxes, and, apparently, good taste.  Throughout the day, Teablogging.net was live on the ground at her computer, bringing you the very latest on the Great Teabag Revolution.

Let’s take a look back, shall we?

The day started innocently, if oddly, enough with a rain-soaked gathering in Washington, until some jackass threw a box of turds ricin tea over the White House fence, which the Secret Service didn’t take too kindly to, so that party was over, thank god, it was miserable anyway, the end.

In the afternoon, relatively peaceable herds of SHEEPLE gathered in DenverChicagoAtlanta and elsewhere for, again, god knows what purpose, but at least they didn’t burn shit, okay?

But then things took the predictable turn for the worse, because why not. In an impressively comprehensive effort, the Teabaggers hit all of their historical marks, from the Confederacy to the Holocaust to our hospitable treatment of Native Americans. Then there was, of course, the usual wingnutteryhomophobiatopical references, and, christ, we don’t even know what this one’s about.

And at the end of the day, per the request of South Carolina State Rep. Joe Millwood, we all went back to writing our communist-loving, baby killer, homosexual loving blogs, because that, friends, is how we roll.

More Teabag Revolution wrap-up soon; as usual, please email tips to teablogging@gmail.com, and remember that you’ve got to teabag the conservatives before they teabag you.




6 responses

16 04 2009

not worthy of comment. Bias and lies tell the whole story about you and this blog….bleh…

16 04 2009
Lego Jesus

‘not worthy’ of comment’ and yet you somehow feel the need to do so anyway.

Stating the obvious will always be a burden for the Teh Lego Jesus.

16 04 2009

This is now one of my favorite blogs. This is the funniest damn thing I’ve read in a while. And to think, if it hadn’t been for the idiot teabaggers, you never would have had this killer humor site. So, in a way, you owe the douchbags a thank you? Keep up the good work!! Oh… and remember to thank Anderson Cooper.

16 04 2009

Oh, Dave, you make me blush. Or maybe that’s the whiskey I had for breakfast. In any case, I have actually tried to “thank” Anderson Cooper so many times that I am now prohibited from coming within 200 feet of his home or place of business.
The Management

18 04 2009
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26 04 2009
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