More love from Alabama

16 04 2009

And by “love” we clearly mean “horrific things that would have shocked us last week but do not shock us today.”

Thanks to Toxic Culture for the photo. Much more goodness over on their site.





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16 04 2009

That wouldn’t be quite as scary if it weren’t spelled perfectly…

16 04 2009
Teabagged: The Morning After « Teablogging

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16 04 2009
Teabags Across America: The Day in Photos « Teablogging

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17 04 2009
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18 04 2009
ShortsandPants - Oh I’m sorry, did you think we were DONE?

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20 04 2009
Townhall: Why Liberals Despise American Patriots « Teablogging

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14 05 2009
Next tea party movement to be all about… gay marriage? « Teablogging

[…] tells me, though, that a whole bunch of the classy, enlightened folks who turned out on April 15 would not support this, at all. Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

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