Leftovers: "Slavery," rape jokes and poor spellers in Raleigh

16 04 2009

Thanks to TIT superstar Jerimee for reporting back to us from Raleigh

John Locke Foundation, Civitas, and Americans for Prosperity helped Fox News Corp organize Raleigh’s Tea Party. Event staff had yellow t-shirts that read “Staff – Right Wing Militia.” A sarcastic joke?

The turnout was 2000 or so (greater than 1k and less than 3k).


A 21 year old employee of the John Locke Foundation gave a speech in which she claimed that she was the “real” victim of the economy: “I’m, like, so mad.”

Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate Mike Munger also claimed to be a victim, saying that taxes are spent on “cocaine dealers.” Went on to deliver generic attacks against Democrats and folks who vote for Democrats. Note: the blog linked to above is Mike Munger’s actual website, it is NOT a parody.

A statement from Senator Richard Burr was read in which he expressed his deep sadness that he couldn’t be there in person. Statement continued that Obama has “doomed our country.”


The speakers for the event did a good job of staying on message: the economy is doomed and the only way to fix it is to eliminate the government.

The crowd, on the other hand, was frightening. While many people were well-behaved, some, mostly middle aged white men, couldn’t restrain themselves from shouting out curses.

A group near me tried to start a chant of “Nazi Hagan” (referring to NC’s newly elected Democratic Senator) and speakers would get interrupted by some idiot yelling “frak Obama.”

I didn’t really get a chance to talk to anyone. When I did attempt to have a conversation with one group of folks they told me to “go home Obama scumbag ACORN bitch” but only after I was already walking away.


More goodness over at SavetheRich.com




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16 04 2009
Mike Munger


I compared giving out stimulus benefits, to companies that didn’t want them, to cocaine dealers giving out free samples. To the extent that subsidies create a dependency, a claim often made in economics journals about subsidized industries, it may be that industries receiving these payments are harmed more than hurt. They may require permanent protection.

Now, my analogy may be a little histrionic, but it is a real analogy, with a foundation in the economics literature.

Your misquotation is just a ….misquotation.

Still, it is likely that this is my faultt. Perhaps I garbled the whole thing, and spoke in a way that was unclear. I bet that’s the problem.

In any case, thanks for the chance to clear things up.

As for my “real” web site, it’s the one above in the comment, NOT the one that you link.

Finally, I am not a gubernatorial candidate. My actual title is listed below.

Mike Munger
Professor, Dept of Economics
Chair, and Professor, Dept of Political Science
Duke University

16 04 2009
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17 04 2009

We’re very proud of you and your multiple degrees. They give your opinions greater merit in and of themselves, and put the rest of us neatly in our place.

Thank you for elevating the debate by leading the crowd in chanting “no more crap.”

And I’ve enjoyed you mocking the mentally ill on your blog. No, actually I found it disturbing, but I’m easily offended. Kids Prefer Cheese is your work, right?

Your name was on my ballot; I’m surprised you disavow it. Part of your platform was opposition to the death penalty, and you made a fair effort to win progressive votes.

If you have audio or video of your speech I’d love to post it. My email is jerimee [dot] richir [at] gmail [dot] com

17 04 2009
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21 04 2009

21 04 2009

oops! apparently embed not enabled

Click below for Dr Munger speech:

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