Leftovers: Open to interpretation in Atlanta

16 04 2009

Sweet Southern TIT @BlakeAbbott brings us some truly horrifying photos from Atlanta, including what may or may not be a big, hairy actual tit. 


Chuck Grassley would be thrilled.



Is this sign bleeding? Maybe.







6 responses

16 04 2009

Freddy Krueger? I’m the first to notice?

16 04 2009
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17 04 2009

I want to see “POOP” hats! Last time there were “Poop” hats. That “tit thing” comes close, though! They def need to work on that tit’s nipple a little. Its just not realistic using those colors, unless the tit happens to have gangrene.

18 04 2009
ShortsandPants - Oh I’m sorry, did you think we were DONE?

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20 04 2009
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14 05 2009
Next tea party movement to be all about… gay marriage? « Teablogging

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