Yep, they went there

15 04 2009

You knew that they would.


From the Burleson, TX, tea party, courtesy of heroic TIT @budkennedy




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15 04 2009
Hitting all their historical marks « Teablogging

[…] all their historical marks Once you’ve invoked the Confederacy, the next logical stop is the Holocaust. Obvs. Photo courtesy of @MarkosM of […]

15 04 2009

This tells me they don’t want tobe taken seriously. Whenever I see this flag I instantly think ” You lost get over it!” I bet he also has a “Don’t blame me I voted for Palin” bumpersticker

15 04 2009
Joseph E Edwards VIII

Yup. These teabaggin’ parties are just racist rallies. I have more proof on my blog, from the Taos, New Mexico Tea Party this morning. Check out the pics and commentary at:

16 04 2009
Teabagged: The Morning After « Teablogging

[…] an impressively comprehensive effort, the Teabaggers hit all of their historical marks, from the Confederacy to the Holocaust to our hospitable treatment of Native Americans. Then there was, of course, the […]

16 04 2009
Teabags Across America: The Day in Photos « Teablogging

[…] Texas: Burleson, Waco […]

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