We do not know what this is about, at all

15 04 2009

via ShortsandPants, live on the scene in Santa Barbara:





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15 04 2009

It is anti-Barney Frank, methinks. When I took the photo I hadn’t realized that yet, and I thought to ask her, but didn’t really want to get into some kind of conversation with her about politics or children’s television.

16 04 2009

Looks like Hannah Montana needs to think for herself instead of listening to her ditto-head daddy. Its a simple progression.
Ditto head daddy->hannity listening husband->Elizabeth fucking Hasselback

16 04 2009

Ooh, maybe it’s anti-sharing? Like SOCIALIST sharing? Isn’t Barney big with the sharing? Dana’s probably right, though.

16 04 2009
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[…] But then things took the predictable turn for the worse, because why not. In an impressively comprehensive effort, the Teabaggers hit all of their historical marks, from the Confederacy to the Holocaust to our hospitable treatment of Native Americans. Then there was, of course, the usual wingnuttery, homophobia, topical references, and, christ, we don’t even know what this one’s about. […]

16 04 2009
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