Michelle Malkin is onto your shit

15 04 2009

Snarly Barbie Michelle Malkin is just cold tracking the teaparty protesters. BUT WHAT IF WE TRACK THE TRACKING TRACKERS? Zomg wormhole!

Keep an eye out for the Tea Party crashers tomorrow. If you have other example to add to the list, give me a holler:

1) From Code Pink Website:

Santa Monica Tea Party Wednesday, April 15th 2009 4:00–5:00 PM Santa Monica, CA
The Santa Monica Tea Party of 2009 and Tea Parties all across America are being organized by friends of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly…

AND SPEAKING OF TRACKERS — TITs, don’t forget to send us your photos and tweets to teablogging@gmail.com. LURVE YOU.




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