HuffPo: Glenn Beck Is Thomas Paine, Except for Everything

15 04 2009

Rest assured, HuffPo, we love you at least as much as you love us. Here’s another good’un:

Yes, it’s something new: Xenophobic dinner theater.

You don’t have to watch the whole thing. If you’re white, and have an older relative you wish was dead, you know where it’s going. A bore’s litany of harrumphing clichés. The greatest generation didn’t defend the Alamo just so a lot of special interests could overcrowd the emergency rooms. He’s going to say “We the people” a couple more times. If you’re waiting for “mad as hell,” it’s at 1:34 and 6:04.

You should check out his other videos….

Read the rest and watch the video(s)




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