Teablogging Exclusive!

14 04 2009

Now we don’t want to startle you, but we’ve actually got some *original content* to put up here. As you may know, teabagging is all about secessionism, so heroic TIT Iolanthe has a message for you: 

GO SECESSIONISTS!!! GO SECESSIONISTS!!! I will help you pack! I will rent you moving vans! I will even throw you a goodbye party! Let’s make this like a relatively friendly divorce. Pick a few states and set up Wingnuttia or Jesusland or Christendom or Randland or whatever-the-fuck! Here … let me get that for you! Do you need some help with those boxes? I’ll get the cat kennel. Can I make you a sandwich for the road?

I wish you well, just well away from *me*!

Or y’all could go to Somalia and JohnGalt it *there* — your kind of place, Libertarians. Tiny feeble government; no services; not much of anything, really. You could all pull yourselves up by your bootstraps and form little Galt Gulches everywhere!

Leave us to our Effete Socialism.

The end.




One response

14 04 2009

Guyana is nice this time of year.

Just pick one religious type with cool shades guy to be your leader.

And outside the USA…. it’s ok to drink the Kool-Aid

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