Teablogger Poetry: T'was The Night Before Tax Day

14 04 2009

From Wonketteer, national treasure and unsung hero americanscandoanything, with an assist from your editor:

The Night Before Tax Day

Twas the night before tax day
and all through the land
not a wingnut was stirring
they were making a plan

Their teabags were hung from
John Deere caps with care
like trucknutz for those
 ironically impaired

The children in bed
they couldn’t sleep late
with visions of book burnings
fueling their hate

And with Momma’s gun
and my flaming cross
we’ll show those libtards
just who is boss

When out on the lawn
there arose such a clatter
ACORNs! I cried
(we proceeded to scatter)

I went to the window
determined to know
and there saw the vision
The great El Rushbo!

He started to speak
as proud as King Tut
sweating profusely
with a cyst on his butt

the commies are coming!
a whole New World Order!
with a new global currency
and a turnstile’d border!

The gheys, they are married!
that’s one of their ploys
(although he enjoys buttseks
with dominican boys)

Fascism is here!
we barely have time
if you need any proof
just look at a dime!

Socialist diatribes are streaming
from TeLepRomTerz!
patriots in FEMA camps
black helicopters!

I say it is dire!
I say it is urgent!
the commies in Oregon
they’ll take our detergent!

Now Malkin! now Hewitt!
now Bachmann! Cavuto!
now Paultards!, now Birchers!,
yes, even Menuedo!

And then he fell silent
and finger’d his nose
(though what he was snorting
nobody knows)

But as he went off
into the darkened night sky
I thought that I heard
a disturbing cry

It seemed that it came from from
the phallus he puckers

Happy Tax Day to All!
Thanks for the ratings suckers!




2 responses

14 04 2009

Sorry. What.
*facepalm* I’ll be reposting this. Thanks Stephanie.

14 04 2009
in the spirit of our song-poem jaunty… « The Daily Angry Liberal

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