Political Carnival: Glenn Beck backs out as San Antonio Tea Party keynote speaker

13 04 2009

Oh noes! Notorious loon Glenn Beck will not be speaking at the San Antonio Tea Party after all. Says he’ll be a distraction. Because this is serious business, this teabagging.

Thanks to Political Carnival for the heads up.




6 responses

13 04 2009

So is the $500 a plate dinner still on or do I need to bring a sandwich?

13 04 2009

I wouldn’t. Your mouth will probably be full, anyway.

13 04 2009

Teabagging is srs bidness. Srsly, Glenn. Glenn, srsly.

13 04 2009

Thanks for linking over!

What a joke this guy is. He doesn’t need a comedy tour. He IS one.

13 04 2009

WHAT IS …(sorry caps on)
What is it with the rightwing and their bipolar drug addict/alcoholics like Beck & Jabba? I guess you gotta be someone else or on something to spout off that grade A bullshit.

13 04 2009
Lego Jesus

No sandwiches….just bring peeps…..yellow ones, pink ones or blue (shudder)…

Your lord and savior,

Lego Jesus

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